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Got a Bike!

As you know, my road bike was stolen this week. It has been miserable being confined to a walking radius from my house, especially since I hate buses. I had to find another bike, before I went stir crazy. Something smooth, fast, shiny, and totally fun to ride.

I recognize many people’s excellent advice to seek a match on Craigslist. Buying a used bike would certainly be a gentle blow to my wallet, and I might find something really nice.

Who knows? As one roadie on the train pointed out, there are plenty of yuppies (such as himself) who buy a superb machine, and are ready to sell it in two months for a number of decadent reasons. It certainly is worth a try.

I made a cursory scan of the classifieds, in case something was ready to fall in my lap. Besides the fact that no such luck graced me, I really didn’t want a used bike. This is retail therapy.

Around this time of year, the factories have already produced all the ’08 models there will ever be, and they’re all mostly bought up. Therefore, I had no luck finding a suitable bike within my original price range ($1000-$1400), which incidentally is about as much as a lot of fledgling roadies are willing to pay. There were simply no frames in my size.

So I scraped my resources together and looked to the elite models, where the demographic is mostly men, thereby increasing my chances of finding a suitably sized frame. This is how I came across this:

It’s a 2008 Trek Pilot 5.0. It’s not specifically a women’s bike, but it fits me nicely.

You could look up the specs on the Trek Official Website, if you’re interested in that.

I am going to enjoy getting comfortable on this amazing bike. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

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