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Jonathan Coulton Songs

I’ve become a fan of this geek rocker who writes really wacky songs. Here is a top ten of my favorites.

10. Better: A man is falling out of love with his girlfriend who is addicted to cybernetic augmentations.

9. Tom Cruise Crazy: Tom Cruise is probably the only man on earth who couldn’t enjoy Tom Cruise.

8. First of May: Celebrate the coming of spring with joyful, indiscriminate outdoor sex.

7. Your Brains: Tom has fortified himself inside the mall against a zombie invasion. His zombified coworker, who probably was a particularly annoying power suit in life, opens one-sided parlay on behalf of the grey matter hungry masses.

6. Mandelbrot Set: The fun and magic – of fractals! A heroic ode to Benoit Mandelbrot.

5. Chiron Beta Prime: The irrepressibly cheerful Anderson family sends holiday greeting from their slave colony run by evil robots.

4. Mister Fancy Pants: “Say a little prayer for Mr. Fancy Pants. The whole world knows it’s only clothes. Deep in side, he’s sad.”

3. Skullcrusher Mountain: The clumsy flailing of a mad scientist in love.

2. I Feel Fantastic: The tragically funny inner dialogue of an acute pill-popper.

1: I’m Your Moon: Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, but Charon will always be there for him. An astonishingly poignant song of unconditional love.

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