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Video Games I Need to Finish Already

I am so bad at finishing games. Allow me to outline a few of the ones I would most like to finish, why I want to revisit them, and explore a few reasons why I dropped them in the first place.

1. ÅŒkami:
I’m a little surprised that I haven’t revisited it in two years. It has a gorgeous, original aesthetic and character design, and I really got into the my role as a sun goddess in wolf form, saving the world from corruption manifested in the natural world. I’m easily seven hours into the game, and I think I’ve had a hard time getting back into it because the game mechanics, though very cool, are also so novel that you mostly forget how to play if you walk away from it for a while.

2. Katamari Forever:
Taking a strange turn in level progression in an already bizarre franchise, you play alternate levels for the comatose King of All Cosmos, and the robot King that’s running things in his place. This game is a shade easier than it’s immediate predecessor, and a certain hot/cold themed level comes to mind when I say that. I’m pretty sure I’ve got only a few more levels to play, but without a continuing story to drive progress, I don’t have much motivation to slog through more random levels unless I’m in a specific mood to roll a Katamari. I never dropped this game entirely, but I have been taking it at a glacial pace.

3. God of War:
This is an example of a game that I haven’t finished, even though nothing specific is holding me back. It’s not hard, the story is pretty good so far. Now I have two unplayed games in the franchise, a promise of epic closure, and all I have to do is pick up the controller and finish it. I guess I find the gameplay kind of repetitive, punctuated by occasional confusing and cheap death. The story will carry me through this time, all I need is the will to grind it out.

4. Fallout 3:
I’ve really taken to exploring the map, having all kinds of self-narrated adventures revolving around random encounters in the wasteland, making cool toys, and completely ignoring the main storyline. I like this character that I’ve cultivated without much help from the moral choice system, but I guess I will eventually have to depart from this surprisingly rich salvager’s game, and meet my destiny.

5. Harvest Moon: It’s a Wonderful Life
I tend to let games that give me administrative duties devolve into anal retentive spergfests. One day, I will get to a place where I can put the spreadsheets away and let the game take me through it’s charming pastoral fantasy-on-rails.

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