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Video Games I Need to Finish Already

I am so bad at finishing games. Allow me to outline a few of the ones I would most like to finish, why I want to revisit them, and explore a few reasons why I dropped them in the first place. 1. ÅŒkami: I’m a little surprised that I haven’t revisited it in two years. […]

Video Games I’m Never Going to Finish

1. Mirror’s Edge: This game is just hard. Worse, the difficulty has more to do with shoddy level design and serious compromise of the innovative free-flowing parkour experience the game sold itself on. I always hated how Fayth is constantly hounded by SWAT teams and snipers, especially since the combat system is so rough, and […]

Into the Breach

I went to Bay Area Gaming Studio this morning to sign my offer letter and complete other paperwork. Same as the day of my interview, I waited in a lobby with a couple other anxious people, no longer candidates but new hires. Another immaculate HR person hands us each a thick packet of documents, to […]

Clinched the Play

HR called me back: I have an offer! Bay Area Gaming Studio thinks I’m a promising game tester, apparently. Yay for me! I’m on the train bound for Prism Enterprise. I get to tell the guys there that I made the cut.


I’ve spent the last two days in another city, playtesting one of the next generation products from Prism Enterprise. I can’t share with you anything I saw, but I would recommend this gig to any gamer who has a couple hours in their day. You shut off your internal dialogue while the developers watch you […]

Spore Creature Editor

I’ve been waiting for Spore to launch for three years. Last week, EA released a demo of the Creature Creator, and I find it to be totally sublime. It’s like Baby’s First Maya, as it makes it trivially easy to shape, texturize, and animate original creatures. You start with a blob of flesh with a […]

N3: Ninety Nine Nights

I’m not really a fan of real-time battle strategy, primarily because I suck at them. The reason why I opted to try N3 is because Q Entertainment was involved. The producer who gave us visual beauties like Rez and Lumines also put a direct hand in Ninety Nine Nights, and I’m willing to step outside […]

Ico: Part 2

I recently wrote about my self-conscious impressions of Ico, an novel puzzle adventure game for the Playstation 2. It was an uneasy beginning. The controls felt clumsy and delayed. The camera never seemed to be in the right place. The first scripted monster KO’d me twice. I haven’t chucked a controller since I was eleven, […]


It’s hard to find anyone who won’t rave deliriously about this game, so I don’t understand why I dislike it so much. First, a little introduction to the game: A young boy is born with horns, and even though he is cursed, he is allowed to be nursed by his mother and live in the […]