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Viking Funeral

Chess and Roller Derby

Why chess? I just think that the two games have a lot to say about each other. To put it in another way, the rules of roller derby didn’t develop in a vacuum, separate from every other game in existence. New games are built upon mechanics, themes, and conventions featured in the games that came […]

Sick Sad Bread

Castle Black Bread

Dark Beer 12oz Honey 2Tbs Dry Yeast 2 1.4 tsp Salt 2tsp AP Flour 240g Rye Flour 240g Wheat Flour 60g Egg 1 count Gently warm the beer and honey on the stove top. Add the yeast and allow to proof. Mix the flour mixture and salt and set aside. Pour proven yeast mixture into […]

Peace Plaza, Japantown

I was wandering around Japantown today, and I saw an old man playing with his dogs in Peace Plaza. In bad Japanese, I asked him for permission to photograph the dogs. He nods, “Douzo”, and bounces a blue racquetball towards the big concrete Stupa across the square. The little brown dog darts after it. Meanwhile, […]

Growing Up

I’m at an age when most people have stopped actively looking forward to the next year, and when most people have not yet begun to lament the relentless march of time. The mid-twenties have it’s own quiet little crisis, as friends start stressing about reaching 30. The truth is I enjoy getting older. Every waking […]

Time To Carpet-Bomb My Kidneys, Yay!

I’ve been crawling around my apartment like a sick cat since Wednesday. I’ve never had a UTI before, but there is no mistaking it when you get one. It started Tuesday, and I decided to hold off on my ride until the pain resolved. The next day, the infection spread to my kidneys and I […]