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Time To Carpet-Bomb My Kidneys, Yay!

I’ve been crawling around my apartment like a sick cat since Wednesday. I’ve never had a UTI before, but there is no mistaking it when you get one.

It started Tuesday, and I decided to hold off on my ride until the pain resolved. The next day, the infection spread to my kidneys and I was not having fun anymore.

Virulent little fuckers.

Now I get to squat in a bunker while I carpet-bomb my kidneys with antibiotics over the weekend. I’ve been doing a little reading, and apparently the drug I have is a pretty big gun. If I had E. coli, Gonorrhea, and Anthrax all at the same time, this drug would wipe them all out. Thanks, Jason.

I’ll spare you any further details, and I won’t lecture you about all that “ounce of prevention” stuff. You know that. My whole training week is in the garbage, and I could have used the medicine money for a new set of tires.

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