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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Into the Breach

I went to Bay Area Gaming Studio this morning to sign my offer letter and complete other paperwork. Same as the day of my interview, I waited in a lobby with a couple other anxious people, no longer candidates but new hires. Another immaculate HR person hands us each a thick packet of documents, to […]

What’s your Greatest Weakness?, Pt. 2

Additionally, interviewers: I don’t see the advantage of putting the spotlight on your candidate’s major flaws: What if an 18th century Marshall of France looked at a Corsican cadet’s diminutive stature and said, “Je suis desolé, Napoleon, but you just don’t command the presence of an officer.” Benjamin Franklin was reported to be a robust […]

What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

I’ve been thinking a lot about interviews lately, and inevitably about classic questions. It’s pretty presumptuous to ask a stranger about their great weaknesses. I’d just as rather brush the question aside with a curt and innocuous response. Here are Jig’s Top 10 ways to curtail this annoying question. 10. I’m terrified of bugs. Arthropods, […]

Quick Delicious (and Vegan!) Banana Bread

I stumbled upon a brilliant muffin recipe at Tiny Vegan Kitchen. UPDATE – You must, and I mean absolutely must watch this batch in the oven. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t go to the toilet, check the mailbox, or play Tomb Raider with the egg timer widget ticking on your laptop. Because this recipe employs such […]

Clinched the Play

HR called me back: I have an offer! Bay Area Gaming Studio thinks I’m a promising game tester, apparently. Yay for me! I’m on the train bound for Prism Enterprise. I get to tell the guys there that I made the cut.

Heeeey. Wazza-mah-dah you!

I’m riding home in the dark tonight, all done up in lights like a rolling Christmas tree. A white Corolla passes on my left, then shortly after turns across my path to parallel park on the right side of the road. On the approach, it was uncertain if he meant to make a Y-turn, which […]

Intersection Drama

I was idling in my pedals at the intersection of Fremont and Mary, when my wandering thoughts were interrupted by a loud blaring noise. Someone is sounding their horn in the car directly behind me. My eyes shot up to the traffic signal, which was still red. There was the horn again — not a […]


I’ve spent the last two days in another city, playtesting one of the next generation products from Prism Enterprise. I can’t share with you anything I saw, but I would recommend this gig to any gamer who has a couple hours in their day. You shut off your internal dialogue while the developers watch you […]