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Thai Butternut Squash Panang Curry

This curry employs the typical technique and ingredients for Thai curry, except you should roast the squash first. You can do the roasting step days in advance. Supplies and Equipment: Medium Pot or Rice Cooker Baking Sheet Blender Whole Butternut Squash Panang Curry Paste 1 Can of Coconut Milk / 2 persons Stick of Butter […]

Curry Madness: Homemade Sauce

I make curry quite a lot, because it’s fast, flexible, tasty. Until today, I have relied upon prepared sauce concentrate to make it. It’s cheap and convenient, but every dish tastes the same, give or take a certain degree of intensity. Curry paste is not complex – blend some ground spices into a pool of […]

Quick Delicious (and Vegan!) Banana Bread

I stumbled upon a brilliant muffin recipe at Tiny Vegan Kitchen. UPDATE – You must, and I mean absolutely must watch this batch in the oven. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t go to the toilet, check the mailbox, or play Tomb Raider with the egg timer widget ticking on your laptop. Because this recipe employs such […]

Ginger Ale a la Kiki

I got really excited about ginger beer after watching Dr. Kiki make some in one of her podcasts. I took some liberty with the recipe, adding a lot more ginger, more yeast, and less sugar. The approximate quantities are as follows: 3 heaping TBS grated ginger 2/3 cup sugar 1 packet active dry yeast 1 […]

Curry: Courgettes and Japanese Eggplant

I’m a curry fiend. I love the flexibility of the composition and it’s warm, forgiving nature. It’s hard to make curry taste bad. It’s also one of those foods that gets even better the second or third day. There is at least one dish in every culture that makes use of the odds and ends […]