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Monthly Archives: June 2008

If God Exists, So What?

I’m agnostic, meaning I fail to deny that God exists. Sorry, I just don’t have the same conviction as many of my friends and indeed most of my family. Just so you know that I’m not a completely useless fence-sitter, I admit I think religion is a cancerous blight on human potential. After repeatedly banging […]

On the Way Home

I love clicking into the big gear, that gigantic 50-tooth crank gear that makes me go faster than most people ever see bikes go. That is, most people living anywhere but the Bay Area, where you can’t stand in a grocery line without sharing it with a Lycra-clad road warrior with an economy sized box […]


I fell down during my ride today. It wasn’t really a bad fall, just the kind of low-speed spill inevitably taken by every clipless pedal user: I was slowing down behind a car waiting for a left turn in an intersection. In order to avoid freeing my feet from their bindings, I tried to stagger […]

Got a Bike!

As you know, my road bike was stolen this week. It has been miserable being confined to a walking radius from my house, especially since I hate buses. I had to find another bike, before I went stir crazy. Something smooth, fast, shiny, and totally fun to ride. I recognize many people’s excellent advice to […]

Spore Creature Editor

I’ve been waiting for Spore to launch for three years. Last week, EA released a demo of the Creature Creator, and I find it to be totally sublime. It’s like Baby’s First Maya, as it makes it trivially easy to shape, texturize, and animate original creatures. You start with a blob of flesh with a […]

N3: Ninety Nine Nights

I’m not really a fan of real-time battle strategy, primarily because I suck at them. The reason why I opted to try N3 is because Q Entertainment was involved. The producer who gave us visual beauties like Rez and Lumines also put a direct hand in Ninety Nine Nights, and I’m willing to step outside […]

Peace Plaza, Japantown

I was wandering around Japantown today, and I saw an old man playing with his dogs in Peace Plaza. In bad Japanese, I asked him for permission to photograph the dogs. He nods, “Douzo”, and bounces a blue racquetball towards the big concrete Stupa across the square. The little brown dog darts after it. Meanwhile, […]


I locked up my road bike in Union Square for the dinner hour. I came back sometime later, and my baby was quite thoroughly vanished. Needless to say I’m distraught, but I’m even more annoyed. I’ve never been totally comfortable in San Francisco, but now my entire vacation will be colored by insecurity as well […]