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Peace Plaza, Japantown

I was wandering around Japantown today, and I saw an old man playing with his dogs in Peace Plaza. In bad Japanese, I asked him for permission to photograph the dogs.

He nods, “Douzo”, and bounces a blue racquetball towards the big concrete Stupa across the square. The little brown dog darts after it.

Meanwhile, a crowd is gathering. My camera work has drawn the attention of about a dozen students. At least, I thought they came to find out what I was photographing. It turned this was the cause for the commotion:

I felt bad for the other dog. Amid the cacophony of girlish cooeing and “Kawaaaiii!”, the panting brown dog rests quietly by his master completely ignored:

You know you want to see the puppy again, don’t you? Well okay, here’s one more: