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Growing Up

I’m at an age when most people have stopped actively looking forward to the next year, and when most people have not yet begun to lament the relentless march of time. The mid-twenties have it’s own quiet little crisis, as friends start stressing about reaching 30.

The truth is I enjoy getting older.

Every waking moment, my worldview changes just a little because I am learning. Even the most constant things in my life are continually viewed against an ever-varying background of understanding. Effectively, I rarely regard the same thing or person twice with exactly the same perspective. Even concerning things I dislike at present, I find in everything the potential for endless fascination.

I have a realistic idea of what boredom really is. I don’t believe it’s fair to say that you’ve gotten tired of something. The truth is you should really just go away until you’ve grown up some more.

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